• Dual-band Wi-Fi
  • Gigabit wired connections
  • 4 high-gain antennas
  • Multiple modes
  • Easy setup
  • Guest network
  • Parental controls
  • WPA2 encryption


The Mercusys AC12G is a powerful dual-band router that delivers up to 1200 Mbps of Wi-Fi speed, perfect for streaming, gaming, and online work. With Gigabit Ethernet ports, you can enjoy wired speeds that are 10 times faster than standard Ethernet.

Key Features:

  • Faster Wi-Fi speeds: Enjoy smooth streaming, gaming, and online work with speeds up to 1200 Mbps.
  • Gigabit wired connections: Transfer files quickly and reliably with wired speeds up to 10 times faster than standard Ethernet.
  • Wider Wi-Fi coverage: Extend Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home with 4 high-gain antennas.
  • Multiple modes: Choose the mode that best fits your needs, whether you’re using the router for your home, office, or as a range extender.
  • Easy setup and management: Get started quickly and easily with the intuitive web interface or Tether app.
  • Enhanced security: Protect your network with WPA2 encryption and guest network features.
  • Wireless standards: IEEE 802.11ac/n/a 5GHz, IEEE 802.11n/b/g 2.4GHz
  • Wireless speed: Up to 1200 Mbps (300 Mbps on 2.4GHz, 867 Mbps on 5GHz)
  • Ports: 1 x Gigabit WAN port, 4 x Gigabit LAN ports
  • Antennas: 4 x external antennas
  • Security: WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
  • Dimensions: 217 x 140 x 31 mm
  • Weight: 345g